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Travel Guide:
Check the passport and visa requirements for the countries you are visiting / transiting in on your planned journey - make sure you apply for them well in advance of your date of travel. Check the validity of your Passport and Visas.Don't forget your passport and visa on the day of travel. If you lose your passport or visa please contact the embassy or consulate immediately in the country you are traveling in.
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 Kenya Airways Destinations
Abidjan £ 199 Book Now
Addis Ababa £ 141 Book Now
Accra £ 199 Book Now
Bujumbura £ 265 Book Now
Bamako £ 289 Book Now
Brazzaville £ 231 Book Now
Douala £ 211 Book Now
Dakar £ 255 Book Now
Entebbe £ 178 Book Now
Free Town £ 199 Book Now
Gaborone £ 278 Book Now
Harare £ 299 Book Now
Johannesburg £ 265 Book Now
Khartoum £ 311 Book Now
Kigali £ 234 Book Now
Kilimanjaro £ 221 Book Now
Kinshasa £ 219 Book Now
Kisumu £ 234 Book Now
Lagos £ 259 Book Now
Luanda £ 188 Book Now
Lusaka £ 289 Book Now
Madrid £ 276 Book Now
Munich £ 299 Book Now
Nairobi £ 198 Book Now
Zanzibar £ 265 Book Now
Kenya Airways subscribes to the baggage security guidelines recommended by the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and its member airlines.
Passengers may carry on board the following:
For safety and comfort, each Passenger is allowed to carry on board only one-piece hand baggage, which should not exceed these dimensions:
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